About Us

The Artesia Fire Department was established in 1905. We are currently staffed with 35 personnel. There are 30 firefighters and 5 Administrative staff. We strive for excellence and continually seek ways to improve.


The Fire Department will focus its efforts on responding rapidly to emergencies, providing appropriate intervention and community education.

Core Values

To Our Residents

We owe the residents of Artesia the highest quality of service possible, characterized by responsiveness, integrity and professionalism. We will continually strive for quality improvement.

To the Fire Department

We owe the Artesia Fire Department our full commitment and dedication. We will always look beyond the traditional scope of our individual positions to promote teamwork and organizational effectiveness.

To Each Other

We owe each other a working environment characterized by trust and respect for the individual, fostering open and honest communication at all levels.

To Ourselves

We owe ourselves personal and professional growth. We will seek new knowledge and greater challenges and strive to remain at the leading edge of our profession.