Treating Serious Injuries

Treating Serious Injuries

Injuries are common in disasters, but there are simple things you can do to comfort those who are hurt and prevent further harm. It's always a good idea to learn first aid, CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.

Heavy Bleeding

Cover wound with a clean cloth and press firmly. Add cloths on top of first cloth as needed. Elevate bleeding arm or leg unless a fracture is suspected.


Flush burned area with cool water (unless an electrical burn). Do not use ice or ointments except on minor burns. Do not break blisters or remove clothes stuck to skin. Cover injured area with a dry, clean dressing. Call 911 if burn is serious or covers more than one body part, involves head, neck, hands, feet or genitals, or is caused by chemical, explosion or electricity.


Do not move victim if he/she is unconscious or back or neck injuries are suspected. Treat breathing, bleeding or shock first. Immobilize fracture before moving the victim.


Indicated by pale, clammy skin; weakness; fast breathing; rapid, weak pulse; confusion. Lay victim on his/her back with feet raised, and keep victim warm. Always call 911 if a person is seriously injured.