Actions from the Court

There are times when the Court must send documents either to a defendant or to another agency about a defendant as a result of a case status. See the below list of documents, and possible reasons why any of them would be issued:

Criminal Summon

The Court will issue a Criminal Summons to the address of record for the defendant when:

  • A new charge has been filed, for which the defendant was not cited in person.
  • If the defendant does not appear arraignment.
  • The defendant has failed to comply with a sentence of the Court.
  • If payment for a penalty assessment citation has not been received within the 30 days of date of issue, as is required.
  • If a proof of completion of an ordered sentence has not been received by the Court.

Arrest Warrant

The Court issues Arrest Warrants when:

  • New charge(s) are filed, for which the defendant was not cited in person
  • The defendant fails to appear on the Criminal Summons for a new charge.

Bench Warrant

The Court issues Bench Warrants for:

  • Failure to pay fines as assessed
  • Failure to appear for cases
  • Failure to comply with an order of the Court.
  • Please Note: The Artesia Municipal Court does not issue bench warrants for juveniles, but can issue suspension notices to Motor Vehicle Division for juvenile drivers upon failure to pay fines, failure to appear on citations, or comply with orders of the Court.

License Suspension

The Court issues a notice to Motor Vehicle Division, requesting a suspension of driving privileges in cases where the defendant has failed to pay for fines assessed, failed to appear for , or comply with court orders for traffic violations.

  • The Notice of Clearance must be taken to Motor Vehicle Division, and a reinstatement fee be paid, to reinstate the privilege to drive.
  • If the defendant does not complete the reinstatement process, the license remains suspended.
  • If you believe that your license has been suspended by this Court, it is in your best interest to contact the Artesia Municipal Court at 575-746-9401, or email the Municipal Court as soon as possible. Arrangements can be made to rectify the issue, possibly preventing more serious consequences.